Bind IP - get IP from interface - stopped working

Hello @Ryan

This is a continuation of the thread Bind IP - get IP from interface
So far, everything has worked as expected. However, I decided to change from tethering with my phone to a separate, dedicated modem.
The difference is that you get a public IP address on the interface, not a private one (as in the case of tethering).

Well, and here is where the problem arises - the manager/bot is not able to retrieve this address.
When I connect only from the mentioned modem (without BindIP) then everything works as expected. When I try to enable more accounts using several network connections (and BindIP) then I am unable to do so.


Also when I type mentioned public IP to BindIP field in Manager - it’s works.
Looks like some bug in GUID/MAC field check.

Kindly reminder about this one.

Kindly reminder about this one.

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