Better path finding Hmmmm Ryan its for you :)

@Ryan Thanks you!
Now I read the great news. Wooow its awesome…
That’s what we need (NOT LIKE SBOT)
You’re a very good man. Finally, somebody just strives to the right. and its YOU!!
I very happy to changeing from sbot to PHBOT this is the best BOT in Silkroad online. More than bot!!
This is my dream bettern path finding all of town and place quests :slight_smile:
Much love , And good luck for coding or programming :slight_smile: <3

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What I improved is only for going to the training area. You could already have it complete town quests and ones that are close to your spot without any scripts.

I plan to add support for caves, but it’s going to take a while due to there being different floors for Donwhang and Jinsi. It’s getting there though.

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:slight_smile: its okey