Best Chinese build for farming & PvP mode? 2023

Looking for Best build for Farming & PvP Actually in Last Version iSRO Thank you guys <3?

Hybird spear nuker.

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2:2 ? or someting like that?

Fullint, then when you get maximum lv put int until you get 120% magical and after that put it in str.

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im looking for the best build to play solo with chinese, good for farm, pvp, ftw, etc xD

With protector? , so when i start i’ll put full int and later when i get 120% magical damage start to put Str for balanced?

Yes protector, when you get +/- lv 130 that you will reset and distribute in STR after having 120% of mag balance, before that always put it in INT.

People do this because after reaching 120% mag balance the damage goes up very little by adding INT points.

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oki thanks you sir!

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