Beginner Items ,Auto quest

Hey guys , sorry about my bad english .
is it possible to create a script that auto accept the beginner supplie quest and take the ROBE box ?
my chars runs often on a server , the client cant open , only clientless .

No because those quests require you to choose an item.

okay . thanks for fast response !

Unless you mean the HP/MP beginner stuff. Those work with the bot.

no i mean the other stuff … armor and weapon …
i can get the stuff only on client mod ?

You’d have to use the client. Maybe in the future since I could just look at the items you already have and get the better ones if available.

this would be great … have a nice day

next question , dont want open a new thread .
is it possible to send a 8er party to a new spot at once ?

With the Manager you can do it.

can you explain a litte bit ^^ i’m new in phbot

The Manager will launch the bot for the accounts you configure. It can restart them when they disconnect.

yeah i know , my question is , i’ve i change a spot from one char in my 8PT , can i change the spot from all chars in group at the same time ?

sorry my english is not so good

Actually, yes. Select all of them that are in the Manager that you want to change and click ‘Change Script’ or ‘Change Coordinates’.