Batch to load phBot

can anyone do me a batch to load phbot with arguments ?

i tryed it but dont work // bot loads but no arguments load it ask about server… using v 23.5

start phBot.exe --server “ERON-ONLINE” --locale “private-server” --private-server “ERON-ONLINE” --username “xxxx” --password “cccc”

Use phbot manager

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I need it for my acadeny plugin the function cmd

I know phbot can do it “manager do the same”
But how ?

u dont need cmd for academy use manager to log in to a account xAcademy will ( create/delite/select) the char name if it dont start with maneger curse of missing char name set it to * in the manager and u can even tell the bot to walk wiith script to XY automaticly without setting anything by xAutoConfig

i wanna automatic it !

if i start batch char 1-5 then it will load acc 1-5 if full do cmd next acc 6-10 … 305-400

i dont wanna do anything in manager it have to be alone while i am working or so

No one will write it for you.
If you wanna special function learn python… There is an API with description. There a lot of plugin where you can take a look… And for common python fuction google offers a lot of examples

lol i need only the batch command ^^ all old player uses this and where is the problem to post it here ?

maybe there is a error that phbot testing cant start with batch !