Bard Swing March

i want to set the bard to keep using the Swing march skill, i added to attack skill it worked for a few times then stopped and i cant figur out whats wrong, any one have a solution?

You may want to try adding it to conditions instead. Try doing it like this except with Swing March instead of Berserk.


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Hey ryan im trying this on my bard with test version but its not working.

What part doesn’t work?

it does not work at all.i write this for my bard.But she is still casting swing march when its ends.

That’s what it’s supposed to do? This method for casting buffs is so they get recast constantly. If you don’t want that you should put the buffs in the normal buff list.

Yes i want cast it all the time. like every 2 minute.But its not working i wrote it in my own bot like you wrote or show** but its still not doing it

You’re right. I’ll fix that for the next version.

Thank you! is every condition is not working or only this one ?

Only casting a skill.

Gotcha! waiting!

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@Ryan can you add to party buffs list Swing March?

Add it to the attack list or set a condition to cast it every 30s.

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make range 30 , choose don’t walk around, then add swing in attack it’s work perfect.

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