Bard Dance Issues


So recently I updated the bot itself after having a extremely old version, before I was able to have, for example Guard Tambour → Dance of Wizzardry/Elemental Dance → Clout March. Now, with the new version it seems to be bugging a lot like one the bards will have guard tambour on but the other bard doesn’t “launch” the dance for X reason, but it does use the Mana Orbit skill.

All of this started to happen once I updated the bot.

PD: Is not just happening to me, to some of my friends as well.

We are using the “Beta” version of it and it’s on a private server.

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Wasn’t this fixed in the last version?

Just saw an update, ill comment later on. Just to verify is it 21.7.6 the version it was fixed on?


Great. It doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. One quick question, the “Obey” Bard Skill isn’t on the beta version, any ETA when it would be added?

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What type of skill is that? You can add names under the other party buffing options and it uses the highest skill it finds.

That is Mana Switch but obviously the new skill. And no, it doesn’t use it, it uses Mana Switch instead of Obey

Is it a custom skill? It does not exist on iSRO.

This one →

Which server is this?

Did you try placing it under “Mana Cycle” instead of “Mana Switch”? They are separated even though they do the same thing.

I believe you mean Mana Switch, yes I did but it gives the pt the regular mana switch not the new one

No I mean “Mana Cycle”. There is a separate option for it under party buffs.

Yes I have warlock outside a pt with Mana Cycle and only gives them Mana Cycle


I want to report a different bug as well, the bot wont cast the CHINESE physical and magical defence buff to the party, it just keeps try to spam them on log but it can not manage to do in game.
I tried removing all the players from the buff list and re-add a character into the buff list but still the same glitch.

Which buff specifically and which server?

Vital flow move and Vital flow intellect- Xian server.

What do you mean by spam them? Is it never casting it at all?

Yeah, in bot log it says/spams > Casting [Vital Flow- Move/Intellect] On XXX character infinitely while its not targetting or buffing the character at all.
The character stays stuck like this and it wont do anything else at all.
I tried even random stuff like adding the buffs in secondary buff list but nothing helps.
I am playing on Xian which is a Chinese character server only so thats why i really need this Chinese buff character to work properly.
Thanks for the responses.