B3 Walk Script


After walk script finishes at Jangan Cave B3, bot waits very long to start botting. And at that time mobs kill me. And if somehow i manage to survive there is a error “invalid target” 2-3 times every minute. and bot just waits approx. 10 sec after each invalid target.

Also in my walk script if i add mount,fellow bot tries to return to town. If i dont add it my char runs all the B3 even “Mounting, remounting in cave” options are selected.

Its all mess. Does someone managed to make it work without above errors?

Theres many topics on the fourm answering the invalid target problem…

Yes, i read most of them, thanks.
None of them points a solution. At least bot should catch that error and print a log about it.
I did every suggestion yet still getting the error.

reconfigure attack skill it will solve it and buffs or check whatts there

Thats my first attempt. Removed all buffs etc. Still same.
I reinstalled the game. and going to reinstall the bot again with full new configuration.
Problem is no idea whats that error means.
If bot catches that error and logs i can know whats going on.

u did auto configuration or manually added skill etc?

first auto configured of course but later many time edited and i guess it became manuall :smiley:

nah so thats the issue delete settings in config folder and redo ur settings with ur hand and it will be fixed

or find the skill that makes the issue

I was gave up at first and decided to try fixing bot waits so long after script finishes. Turns out i need to deactivate collusion detection for caves which also fixed my invalid target issue :smiley:

Thanks for your time.

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