Ayuda por favor

Hi. someone could tell me how is the record buy now, is that I am very confused with new things. Thank you

The forum and bot accounts are now separate. phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

yes but it is that now I do not know how to register in the phbot to get the id and the pws of the bot, to pay it like but not how to register could you help me with that please

Once you pay for it you receive a username/password for the bot.

ok, then if I register with an email and pay with a paypal account that has another email to which email I get to the paypal or to which I am registered of the phbot?

You receive it on the email you specified on the buy page.

okay thank you very much

hears one more question, has nothing to do with the payment method he chooses?

Hey, what about the clantrap, what’s it for?

It’s for clientless teleporting on iSRO. If you do not buy the subscription, a local client will be started for it. It’s not mandatory to buy it.

I did not understand that about the clancrap, do you hear the phbot has any option like the sbot that is so that it disconnects every time? and that if there is 2 acc connected, wait for one to enter to avoid temporary blocking?

You can login two at a time if you choose different gateway servers for each account. You can use the Manager to login one at a time so you don’t have to do it every time.

So if I use different ports to connect this 10 accounts at the same time I will not have a problem? Or there is some guide that explains that better to learn well how to handle it and not to be blocked

There are only two gateway servers so you can only login two at a time assuming you choose different ones.

So you do not have the option that the sbot has? That is used when two accounts are in connecting waiting for those two to enter and the other two begin

Enable the queue. You still need to use different gateway servers.