Avoid clientless relog


I’m having an issue with relog.

The pserver i’m playing on does not support clientless relog. When I log in with client, the client may go clientless while botting and when phbot relogs, it relogs with clientless instead of w/ client. This causes as infnite loop of login as I get insta dc when reloggign with clientless.

Is there a way to avoid this behavior of clientless relog? This only happens if the client goes clientless and it’s in that state while relogging.


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Enable the “client” option so it starts the client when it relogs.

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tried this.
still relogs clientless @Ryan

It won’t use the client if your PC is locked.

It’s not locked

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@Ryan any ideas on how I can get around this?

I have the same problem , when i disconnected and phbot relog with clientless , It keeps logging in indefinitely and unsuccessfully .

Are you using the Manager or not?

didn’t use Manager .

Use it.

I’ve already used Manager, But problem is still there , it changed to Clientless when relog .
This is big trouble .:grimacing:

this is pretty annoying… @Ryan can you please fix, i have to manually relog everytime i get dc -___-