Autowalk script question

The challenge:
I set a training posisiotn somewhere (lets take Mirror World Hell Blood, for now)
The bot will “auto” find the path. No matter in which city i start, he will teleport to constantinopel and run to mirror portal, teleports and go to training place.
So far, so good, but on my server i have a portal directly from Jangan to Mirror Dimension, so its much faster to go via Jangan.
The bot does not auto recognize this path(@Rayn: why?, you just have to enumerate all portals and look where they teleport to find the shortest way)
So i had to write a script, where i use the teleports manually, but then (and no the problem!) i also had to write the whole path to the mobs manually, i CANT use autowalk anymore

Is there anyway to use “autowalk” after finishing the script?
So the srcipt goes up to mirror, and when done i need something like
because, when just stopping the script here, the bot whines: “Traininplace out of range, stopping bot now”

Or is the any other solution to solve the problem?

The only solution i found is doing it myself in python :
call python function from script, which calls “get_path” and then excute the list of positions with “move_to”
but this solution is also a little bit tricky, because i had to monitor the current position, detect stucks, must buff myself, short: do all what the bot did in “autowalk”

You’re overthinking it… Edit your town script to teleport to mirror via jangan then the bot will use autowalk from there.

Clear your training area to make the the bot generate the new script correctly.

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Yes I already thought about this solution, but when I change the townscript ALL my other chars will use that town script too. And they all will teleport to mirror, But the other chars are not botting in mirror :(. So via townscript i need a possibilty to specify the townscript for each char seperately:
Ok antother solution would be to copy the complete phBotFolder, and make modify only in one folder, but then i have the problem with the phBotmonager, where i cant specify a “startup folder” for each char seperately…
You see: I am getting for one trouble to the next…

I found the solution, there is a Path Find in the Create Script which adds the path in the format
When i place this @ the end of the script, it works!

When I tried it manually, I always entered x,y,z instead of tileId,x,y, that was a problem.

Topic can be closed

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