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thanks for the good bot.

My server added special protection so that phBot cant just buy goods (it tries to buy the first stack and stops without buying anything)

I understand that you dont want to support this (it would be way to much work for you bypass the special protection on every server). I am able to code aswell but i just wanted to know if you think its possible to do with just a plugin & if you could maybe give me some hints in what i should look into and what i would have to do, theoretically? Do i have to override “oldtrade,buy” command with a plugin (is the even possible) or what else should i look into?

Also i saw in the forum that there should be a list of available methods in the plugin folder but i cant find it.

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You can make a function execute by walking script, it is detailed in the link below, so yes you could replace the oldtrade.

They maybe just changed the packets so you should also get xPackettool to help you.

in what for is the protectin is a a checkbox or a question sor something like that ? is it random ?

Thanks @DeRidder14 , i will look into this. There is no way that i can view the old “oldtrade” and just make the changes i want to do right?

@Chefkoch nope not a question or anything like that. phBot just doesnt buy the good, but if you buy it manually it works

make it with xpackettool and xcontrol
this is how it works then its an example

No theres not but you could make your own function which selects the NPC and buys the goods. If you are familiar with Python that should be pretty easy for you.

Chefkoch solution may work too but i would recommend making your own function if you have the ability to.

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Well, xPackTool tells me that the command to buy a good changes after tp (it uses different packages everytime to buy goods after tp) so i have to figure out what the package would be like :smiley:

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I liked it

would use, tottally

anyone found a way around it?

Can someone explain how to override the old system trade buy/sell with python ?

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