Autostall isn't working

AutoStall does not work properly.

Is there anyone who can support it? zoom, discord, etc. ?


It works fine. Use the filter tab and set the price / quantity.

Hey Ryan, i use filter tab and works fine but when any item was selling, bot close stall and trying add a new item. Error in this moment. Bot trying add to same item.
For example;

I have 11x global and set 1 x = 1m
Opening stall, and adding globals
When sell one global, modify and triying to add new item. Can’t add and not working…

I have this problem since 8 days…

Had the same issue. added another item with main item and works fine now…

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Semih bana ulaşır mısın?
Semih can u contact me?

discord = CATWEAR#0294

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