Automatic Stall Problem

Hello, how are u today @Ryan
i got a bad thing in auto stall via phbot.
i wanna sell attribute stones each 1000 pcs 1b for example.
max stack is 10k for each attribute stones.
i split all stones for 1k in each slot, and i set price for each 1k.
then i start bot, its combining all stones and says
Stall: No more items can be stalled, stopping
ofcourse because i set price for each 1k and now stones are stacked to 8~10k per slot.

is there is a solution for my problem?

Are you using the filter tab? You need to for item splits.

no i dont use filter tab, i will try it.
if i set quantity 1k it will automatic split before adding into stall?

solved, working now

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You must use the filter tab for item splits. The inventory tab option is only for selling specific items. It will not split anything.