Auto walk error

Start → alex north
Target → -14267,-3094 (kings valley)
Server → joysro likya (they added many teleport to towns maybe they broke something)

teleport,Alexandria (North),Jangan
teleport,Jangan,Alexandria (South)

Custom teleporters are not supported and cannot be supported.

I dont want to bot support them. Why bot didnt choose
teleport,Alexandria (North),Alexandria (South) since its not a custom teleport and goes to jangan then alex instead.

It might be something with the server. That region should work fine.

That was my intention to say that already. Thats okey if caused by server. So thread can be closed. Thanks.

I have the same problem as Auto walk. Although there is no dedicated teleport, jangan first finds the right teleport then. It needs to be fixed.

İn which server?


@ryan can you make a double check to be sure the problem is server?

All teleports have the same problem. For Auto walk, I think the character’s preference for the nearest teleport will solve the problem.

I believe that’s intended because you’re technically walking less if you go to Jangan first. I still have to look into why it goes there instead of Alex south.

Maybe he only sees through jangan only teleport points. Could it be because of this?

No, it’s the way the algorithm works. It chooses the one with the lowest cost and because Alex north to Kings Valley has a higher distance (cost) than Alex → Jangan → South → Kings Valley it chooses the one with more teleports.

It should be fixed if you use it right now.

Will you post an update?

No. It’s not required for things like that.

I get it, I’ll try it and will let you know.

When I enter the academy chars, it does not use teleportation into the free city where the chars were born.
I’ll try and report updated.

I tried walking into the city, do not use free teleportation where you were born.

Ryan, thanks, it’s all right. But there’s one more problem. The character does not use the near tekeport, he goes to the city and teleports from there. If there’s a teleport closest to him, Can you make him prefer it?

Where are you starting it from?