Auto Trading

I’m doing auto-trading and i noticed there’s a bit of a delay between the potion use for transport. If i do it by hand i can do it a bit faster than the bot. Can i somehow speed up the Transport potion use to make sure none of my traders die?

There’s no way for you to change the delay so I’ll reduce it for the next release.

Another thing i noticed with auto trade sometimes is that i’ve made my scirpt from Consta to JG and back to Consta so it loops, but sometimes the chars stop in 1 of the 2 towns and say “You loaded the wrong script for this town,stopping bot”… I’ve made it skip town script entirely, why is it doing that?

You have to start the script in the center of town spawn.

Is that just for the start in Consta? Because sometimes it stops in Jangan too…

Any location where it would start a town script.

My script starts in Const at trader shop, goes to Jangan trader shop sells goods and buys new ones to go back to Consta, but sometimes it stops in Jangan too.
So what i need to do is start it in Const spawn go to trader shop buy goods leave it to go Jangan trader shop sell goods there go back to spawn point of Jangan and go back to trader shop in Jangan to buy new goods and go back to Const?