Auto trade system

Would you please add delay option like options in training area


add option walk delay to the trade system please!

Use script walk delay?

There are some issues with the auto trade system.
The trade travels on a fixed route. It gets stuck in a lot of places.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the route. If you create a route in the bot system, it will not attack the npc thieves.
Please make it possible for me to make a route in the autotrade system so that he can attack npc thieves.
It often happens that an npc thief gets behind a tree or rock and cannot be attacked. The character dies after a while. Many times it gets stuck at the east gate of DW and on the way out of Jangan.
It would be nice if I could edit it.

Thanks for the option to set the Hungarian language.
Some translations are a bit funny, but understandable