Auto trade script

I’ve recorded a script from dw >> hotan >> dw .
In my server we must relog after trade to get the reward of the trade.
so I made the record as the following …
standed in front of speciality trader shop in donwhang ( while I’m mounting transport ) pressed start record >> pressed old trade buy 5* >> mount,transport >> walked to hotan >> old trade sell >> disconnect >> old trade buy 5* >> mount,transport >> walked back to donwhang >> oldtrade sell >> disconnect …
after I disconnect in hotan the bot doesn’t continue the script ( you have loaded the wrong script for this town )
alot of ppl using it but they refuse helping me … so there must be a solution here
Help Please =)

morganinho :wink:

Walk back to the center of town spawn before using the disconnect command.

@Ryan hey i have a problem like this too
i create same script and when the bot relogging after dc its back to selling again then dc keep doing this so what should i do ??

Figure out why you’re disconnecting.

@Ryan couz system must relogging after every one trade .

Turn off continue town scripts.