Auto trade script ( relogging after selling )

I’ve created Dw >> Hotan >> Dw auto trade script with “disconnect” command after “oldtrade,sell” command in each town but there is a small problem which is that when I reach Hotan and the bot disconnects and relogs it tells me ( you have loaded wrong script for this town ) which means that the bot went to start the script for the beggining at Donwhang’s start point instead of Hotan’s start point


is forbidden anyways to use phbot in electus

Walk back to town spawn.

when the bot relog at hotan it will start the script again but your script started in dw so it wont be possible. you can only make a 1 way script with relog option for the bot. when u reach hotan u can sell and tele back to dw then relog but u will lose your trans, after the relog bot can do trade again. :slight_smile:

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You could have a second trade script that goes from Hotan back to Donwhang and that would work.

yes but in order to execute you have to do it manually…

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After you reconnect you’ll be in Hotan and it will execute the Hotan town script. For automatic trades back and forth it’s easier to replace the existing town scripts with trade scripts.

can we do the replacement by just renaming the trade script into town script?
btw admin ryan, i have something important to tell u where i can dm or pm u?

I’ve ticked on “skip town script entirely” before
I always purchase town loot manually

I’m not playing electus dude … I’m playing XEON Online :grinning:

xeon dont allow phbot in game. u cant login in game when u use the bot. i was there before

It was like that and it was beatuiful :rofl: Thanos’s voice
but now it’s allowed … alot of ppl using it but no one wants to give me his script :cry:

i can give u any town u want :slight_smile: its all auto including buying trans pots.

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Well I need Hotan and Donwhang then

in exchange for 1ip for 1 week XD

Unfortunately I’m using 1 ip and sharing others :smiley:

@mitz1987 Go to your user account page and click Messages → New Message.

i cant send it here…

lol I’ve just found sth called conditions which had this inside it “change script” how can I enable that to change script on arriving to hotan to get the Dw>>Hotan script which I’ve made and vice versa

yes but its manual… u cant leave it alone during trades