Auto Trade Issue

Few servers makes the char dismount the transport after teleport as an anti bot method … and if you order the bot to mount the transport after waiting 5000 ms , it does, but then stops … it can’t Continue the walkpath.

Example :

[17:17:45] Script: Walking to 4123, 1208

[17:17:55] Script: Walking to 4123, 1198

[17:18:04] Script: Teleporting

[17:18:20] Mounting pet [White Elephant]

[17:18:20] Could not start the bot because you are not in town and you are too far away from the

training area

[17:18:20] Bot stopped. Botting time [0 minutes]

Can you post your entire script?

JG DW.txt (6.2 KB)
JG HOTAN.txt (10.3 KB) loop.txt (7.4 KB)

Here’re three scripts ^^

I’m not sure how you have it setup but you should have a “walk” command at the beginning of the script so it knows it’s for the correct area. Ideally you want it to be in the center of town spawn.

Well , i made a temp fix.
Added a hotkey for " Bot Start "
And stucked that key with a piece of paper =))

Modern problems requires moder solutions :smiley:

Also did u make continue script ?