I can’t get auto-quest to work, does this function still work?

I enable the quest and set return scroll, do I need to set a script or is it automatic?
Also do I have to set a training area or is that automatic?

It worked to start one quest but then stopped and wouldn’t go to kill monsters.

All I get now is “Training: You do not have an enabled training area. Cannot start bot.” Do i need to enable the correct area or should this be automatic?

Depends on where the quest is located. If it’s in town then set it to enabled and to use a return scroll when complete otherwise just set it to enabled if it’s in your training area.

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Ok I’ll try that, do I need to start bot or will it auto start? Also does this start the quest, kill everything then return?

You have to start the bot, it will kill the monsters at your training area then when it’s done it will go back to the related NPC and give/re-accept the quest. Rise and repeat until that quest is not acceptable/done.


Ok that makes sense. I didn’t know if it auto selects the training area as per the quest.

It can if you set it to do that on each quest.

I’m not too sure how to do that, as far as I got was the quest being started at the NPC but that was all.

EDIT: I’ve figured it out, I didn’t realise you can right click the quest and set training area.


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I can’t get this set training area for quests to work, I’ve made a separate training area just for Quests and when I right click the quest and so set location for “Monster” it sets the location of the area to 99999, 99999.

How can I fix this?

After you make all those settings, start the bot in town and let it generate the script.

I’ll try that, thanks!