Auto Quest


Coming soon

I finally fixed quest parsing by reversing the client, then I decided to add local path finding to the quest system.

This is just a demo in the Jangan town. It also works for quests that are in the training area assuming they are close by. For it to work, the NPC needs to be in the same region or one that is nearby. So, for instance, it cannot teleport from Jangan to Donwhang to complete a quest. That could potentially come in the future.

For this to work all you need to do is set the quest to Enabled and enable Enable collision detection in the training area. As long as a custom script is not set and collision detection is enabled, it will use path finding.

I also managed to speed up path finding a bit and as you can tell from the video it’s very quick.





I’m doing a bit of testing on iSRO and it’s capable of walking back to the Mirror Dimension spawn to turn in quests. The path is generated very quickly too which is nice. If I move further out it won’t walk back though because of how far away it is. I may be able to improve that later.

I’m adding support for quests that are basic like: obtain an item/note from one NPC and deliver it to another. It’s not really important since at higher levels you get repeatable quests.


It is capable of detecting when a new quest can be had. I’ll record another video in another post. It should be able to complete Undercloth Thief 1 and Undercloth Thief 2 without any interaction since they are both “deliver” quests.



It took a while but it works. The bot can now complete simple delivery quests with path finding.