Auto quest ? why not me :(

So in the instructions is the auto quest works but for me it does not work. I do it as it is, you can take screenshots as you mean

  1. Enable collision detection.
  2. Enable the quest. Do not set a script.
  3. Start the bot. If the quest is in town it will get it. If the quest is in your training area it will go to your training area first and then get it.

what is this collision detection. in bot

It requires the testing release if you do not want to use scripts.

I immediately got the purchased version without the trial version

this error python43.dll faild not found

Download using phBot installer.

i testing

in the version, the bot closes everything. and you can’t change anything there

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Thank you, I just couldn’t paste link on my phone.

okay moment i test new


Auto Quest no why . no plain

sir, I wanna ask u
I am playing in Cap130 kk and have a daily quest in teleport in janjan it is named NPC Area whats must-do for auto quest…
make enable and return and make script or what? explain 2 me how to make auto quest in this situation…

Those are not supported because they’re in a custom area.

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