Auto Quest upgraded?

can phbot now do auto Quest such as “scrap Metal”&“thirsty for blood” without having to do a special/manual script?
like can i set the bot to scroll & deliver … on each Quest…?

nope. same

plan’s in doing such a feature?

All quests should work unless there’s something different about those or it’s a custom quest on a private server.

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@ryan for me not even the 90 invin quest work correctly if u want i can make a vid on yt and give the link to u italway say something like could not create pathfinding or something like that

You have to use the testing release. Enable the quest and do not set a script. If it’s a town quest you should enable return.

i know i will make a vid to show u but this will take 2 days

my lover…hoho,u can make a video to show?..upload to youtube…how to auto quest…

@Ryan will … the bot did deliver a Quest name “Scrap Metal” but did not re-take it…
knowing this after i woke up…
any idea’s?
server sro-r(palmyra) mirror world mobs Lv 120

update: there is another Quest “thirst for blood(Unlimited Repeats)”
it does deliver & re-take it
maybe cuz the Quest have the word (Unlimited Repeats) in its title?

the “scrap metal” Quest is also unlimited … but dont have the word “unlimited Repeats” in its title