Auto Quest slow/laggy

Hi, I’ve noticed that whenever Auto Quest triggers, it hangs for like 30 seconds straight. I assume it’s due to it calculating the path to the quest npc. Is there any way besides using a script to prevent this from happening?

If not, maybe caching the path/walkscript would be a good idea to implement in the future (if not already done).

It depends on how the path was created. If the quest is far away then it will use the server which will only take a while if your connection is slow and it can’t connect instantly. If you have a slow CPU and it’s a nearby NPC then it will use your PC to create the path, and this is also fast unless your CPU is really old.

It was a nearby NPC, I think I was inside a 250 range radius. As for performance, I have a 500mbps up/down internet connection and an i5 8400 cpu. I don’t think performance is the problem here though.

Is there a way to fully debug the bots actions other than the phbot logger?

It should be taking less than a second to create a path like that. There is no way to see exactly what the bot is doing. You can see some of what it is doing on the “Status” tab.