Auto Quest(Job) Script Errors

Hello, I have some problems about auto quest(job). First of all, I have created 2 scripts. One is for going to training place. Other is for returning to the town and delivering a quest. And, I activated the job quest that I wanted my char to do. Also, I chose returning script for the quest(I mean delivering script). However, my char stuck at the town after start. I got the messafe as “… quest can be retreived” and my char stops. Could you give me information about this? Thank you.

Same problem here…but i wrote here also but no answer.

I think there is a bug. I halfly solved the problem. You can go to conditions tab. And you can build a condition to change its script when the job quest is done. And, for your current town, you can change your script(to arriving script to the training place) again. One problem is that character stops 1-2 times per each loop. You need to stop bot and start bot. This is my solution. Maybe you can try this. Because, other is not working.

Sorry, I deleted normal sro, now I am playing sailor which is better. I can not help you. But your problem is main problem in dimension job quests. Try to draw script from town to dimension maybe it can help and build condition for your town for taking quest.


Same problem is continue is there any update forjob auto quest ?

How can we pass the ‘‘quest can be retreived’’ error ?

Update your bot.