Auto Quest - Genie´s Lamp

Hey guys,

i saw phbot is able now to run to the quest npcs and start/finish quests.
My question is, is phbot also doing the Genie´s Lamp (daily quest) as well?
Cause atm i have set it up in my townscript (script to npc and to genie) and it waste me every time when iam in town much time…cause it will be done every time when iam in town it doesnt matter if the quest is able to do or not.

greetz Jan

Yes, it can turn it in without a script if collision detection is enabled.

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so it also takes the quest when its able to take (it takes it right now when the next day starts)?
and have i to set up return if quest is finished?

It checks it once everyday.

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ah okay perfect but it was a bad question, i mean i had answer the question on my own…
cause i have to make relog every 280 min so the bot checks it on every relogin anyway :smiley:

okay but return when finished i must set, or?

You don’t have to since it will do it when you go back to town eventually. It will check it every single time you reconnect.