Auto quest error

hire is shown what i set up and what problems i have with auto quest @Ryan pls tell me if i did something wrong i just tested the 90 invin quest

edit: 3rd pic was added later i forgot to take a screenshot of the log

You enabled a training area? It turns green if it is.

yes ofc he was walking to the right one but did i set something wrong ?

the thing what ph bot missed was walk from town to quest nbc and walk from there to trainplace thats all

it was checking for the quest after reaching the training area and not after the town script

It’s because that quest is not in town. You don’t want it to walk from town to that Roc location then back to town then to your training area.

yes it should do it on his own yes with pick the quest items use autowalk and enable the quest

it should do the folowing 1 townscript > 2autowalk to quest nbc and get the quest > 3start auto walking to trainplace (i dont mind i bot use returnscroll to create a new pathfinding ) >4 then do the quest > 5autowalk to qest nbc and get reward

at the moment 2. is missing and 3 with start from the quest nbc

the bot does now following 1townscript > 3 autowalk to trainplace (just from town) >dont atk becurse he get the info quest is anable and does nothing (and i realy mean nothing)