Auto quest doesn't work in alexandria (superhuman training)

hello, I try to do quest which is superhuman traininig in alexandria but bot does not go to do give completed quest to the npc which is egyptian soldier kamori in the north gate because of this, I try to create a script to do that quest automaticaly but bot can not see the that npc and their quest when I try to create a script (that npc is egyptian soldier kamori in the north gate), when I try to activate auto quest phbot goes south gate to egyptian soldier turian, but this quest is not given there. how can I do this quest with use the bot can you help me

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It is an issue with Joymax. I had the same question around one year ago. Joymax has the wrong NPC listed on their map and also wrong in the quest dictionary. Try a Deity Training quest.


You mean that only joymax can solve this?

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@Ryan can you help me

Yes, it is a Joymax issue. I had asked the same question.

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