Auto masteries promlem!

when i tryed to outo mastesries on bard it going to error and dc. can u fix it.

Are you using skills while it is leveling things up? That is guaranteed to cause a disconnect.

no im not trying same time … if u try with bard character only on ‘Beautiful Life’ and ‘Dancing Concert’ skills other things working good.

Are they custom skills on a private server? I don’t see them on iSRO.

they are skill group name …

idk other skill but “dance of magic” have this problem. when bot updale skill lvl then its getting dc

I have no way to test this. It works fine on vSRO last time I tested it.

but it is need check on iSro.its still same

we have this error till 3 4 months

I don’t have an account with those skills so I can’t test it.

I have the same problem with Bow skills 7 arrow combo skill and some other skills, its happening for some months now. Its on Legion server, I can give you pw id to char to check it if you want.

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