Auto disconnet

so i just started getting this today, once i start manager and the bots start logging in once they get into the login queue they start auto disconnecting. If any one has any info on how i can solve this problem of mine I would greatly appreciate it, as per right now I can’t play the game :sob:

Other people have reported this but I can’t reproduce it so the only solution is to use an older version even though there should be no differences for that.

would you like to see with remote desktop?

Won’t help since I can’t actually find the cause. Unfortunately I’d need to borrow your Manager account config.

found the issue, in bot manager hit manager options then in the tab that says not in game … minutes increase it to a higher amount for example I, for some reason, had it set at 1 minute and changed it to 3000 minutes and it seems to be working fine. :smiley:

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The other people with the same issue already had it set high. Maybe they overlooked it.

Again im not really tech savy but I would recommend even though it is said to high, maybe change the number to something else and maybe it works, again I really don’t know how these things work but I am willing and hoping to learn so I can help the silkroad community out :smiley:
P.S. thanks again for the fast response, and happy gaming to everyone :+1:t2:

Hey weeman i was wondering if you could help me set up manager. I bought 50 proxies and have each character set up with a different proxy. And i still get temporary ip bans i ser up manager options like this

  1. Start delay 60,000 ms. How low can i go on this withought getting temp ip ban?
  2. client starting 120,000 ms.
  3. disconnected 120,000 ms.
  4. not in game 0 minutes.
  5. start up to 2 accounts at once. Can i do more on this withought getting temp ip ban? Im asking simce i am using proxies.

You should only start one at a time.

Even though i have different proxi for each one?

Yes, even if you connect/login only two at a time sometimes the server will still temp ban you.

So, is there anything i can do to log in my accounts faster?

Probably need more proxies. @tete1990 may have a better solution.

Thank you very much weeman. You still drink coffe from starbucks?

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Actually, I am right now.

Whats your email adress again?

Want to check your email :wink:?

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I got it. Thanks, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it.
Btw i just moved the manager option to start 8 at a time instead of the 2 i had hopefully that works a bit better ill keep you posted.


sry i can not realy help u with manager
i use 1 proxy for every acc

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