Auto Consignment

Ok so im wondering how Auto consignment works. i tried to use it and it just wont list stuff in consignment when it loops to town.
GOAL: store tablets until there is a stack of 20 then remove them from storage and list them in consignment.

Settings: currently under stall i have my stone selected and Consignment turned to ON Quantity to 20 and a price set as well. what am i missing? it just does a normal town loop. help would be great

You need to also walk to the NPC and add “DoConsignment” to your town script or walking script.

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i have a walk script that goes from the center of town after my town scrip to my area, but how do i edit my town scipt with this, unless i just put it at the start of my scrip i already use for walking to my area? sounds like it will pull it from storage and everything just fine like i want?

You can put it at the start of your walk script if you want but if you want every char to do this then its probably better to edit your town script. Youll find all the town scripts inside the “Town” folder of the bot. These scripts can be edited in the same way you edit your walking script. Load them into the script editor and edit how you wish.

If youre having trouble tell me your return town and I can make it for you.

if you could make it for me that would be great @DeRidder14 return point is Alex North
when i do it says its a read only file or somthing, and wont let me make the edit

I dont think theres a consignment NPC in Alex?

theres not, i had it go to hotan, and then come back
but it wont let me save the file

You could save it somewhere else and move it in but try this.
Alexandria Thief Area.txt (1.2 KB)


Consignment Questions, not sure if I can do all of these, but here are my thoughts

  1. will the bot collect gold earned from consignment?
  2. i want to list stuff if i have stacks of 20. that’s easy to set in the consignment tab, but the issue I’m having is until then i don’t need all the stuff filling up my inventory slots. so I want to store then till I have stacks of 20, and then list them in consignment. how can i set the bot to only take out what i am going to list, and not everything in my storage? also i only want it to remove from storage, if i have room to list in the consignment.
    thanks for all the help, script works great!

@DeRidder14 still have not been able to figure this out, any ideas?

  1. I’m not entirely sure but probably
  2. You can set the take quantitiy in the pick filter. You cant really do the other things to my knowledge, thats quite complex.


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