AUTO CONSİGMENT It doesn't put some items

Even though the bot consigment settings are made, it does not put some items in the consigment. Can you check the faded, lucky stone, steady stone, isro magic rune types and see (elix-stone) it puts these and the items. @Ryan

@Ryan ???

Does it say it’s putting them into consignment or just skips them entirely?

It says the items have been saved, but it doesn’t put these items, it puts many items, it just doesn’t include what I wrote, I would be very happy if you could take a look. @Ryan

I guess I explained it wrong, it is consigment (network market), profession is not consignment.

Which server is it?

Give this a try.

I’m talking about phbot’s current ISRO, for example, it puts sample elixir, but it seems like it puts the sp item dropped from faded fgw on sale to consigment, but it doesn’t. @Ryan

Did you try that new version though?

Yes, I tried, the database and everything was updated, but it still says the same faded and 11d lucky stone consigmente has been registered, but it is not on sale.

That item is not supported. What category is it supposed to go in?

How is it not supported, but consi registers but does not register? @Ryan

It’s not supported by the bot. If you tell me which category it goes into then I can fix it.

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Thank you, the problem was fixed with the latest update

I took a guess and it worked.

It puts these others in the consigment, which should appear in others, but when I search, it does not appear faded :smiley: I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you said - faded consigmente appears as others - lucky alchemy stone 11d appears in items @Ryan