Auto combining items in inventory / or switch off from pet to invetory items

Hey, I have problem, like in the title.

When my pickpet got full, it moves items from itself into my char inventory. It is okay, but it doesnt sort it automatically, so after 10 minutes I have full char inventory with 5 slots taken by weapon elixir (every with 2/3 elixir) and so on (same with alchemy items).

So, is there an option to:

  1. Auto combine (like a manual ‘SORT’ option in ‘Inventory’ tab) items in char inventory.
  2. Is it posibble to switch off option moving items from pet to char inventory?
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It actually does combine items unless it is moving arrows/bolts to your inventory which I will change for the next version. There is no option to stop it from moving the items.

Thanks for reply.

Any idea why my phBot doesnt combine it manually?

Combine and sort are two different things. The bot does not sort items, only combining them to free up more inventory space. Every time you see Pet: Moving [X] to inventory it is combining items right after.

Okay, I have checked it again. What I have done and what was the result:

I had full inventory and full pickpet. I have put 1 ‘Magic stone of discipline’ in the first pet slot. Then, I have drop one item from my char inventory, what resulted in moving from pet to char inventory this magic stone from the first pet slot. In my char inventory I already had 1 ‘Magic strone of discipline’. So I thought, as you wrote, it will automatically combine those two stones (one from pet inventory and the one which was in my char inventory already). But phBot didnt do that.

Any ideas why?

Oh, you mean combining items over different inventories? No it doesn’t do that.

So when you wrote

Every time you see Pet: Moving [X] to inventory it is combining items right after.

what did you mean? You mean it is combining items in pet inventory?

It moves the item then it will combine items. It only moves the items under certain conditions. It won’t move an item out of the pet to combine it with another item.

When it’s combining items you’ll see Inventory: Combining [X].

We talked about keep in pet, keep in inventory option as you remember @Ryan. That could be a good solution for that.