Auto buy Stuff


Is there a way to auto buy stuff ? I want to clientless a low level char and auto buy stuff when level up (token buy, etc).

Thanks !

It can buy token items like return scrolls but not new “free” gear. Go to the Town tab and set it to buy the items you want.

So i have to check in town tab the item for one time and deactive it after, is that correct ?
How people who using phbot for goldbot do this for 100 accounts ?

@octobius go Training area > settings and mark > “eqip better items” it will eqip item that u have in ur invin if its better

This option is not in the list. It was removed ?

This function is only in Testing Version

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Can you confirm this point please ? SOX items is available in town items tab, after purchase, need to set to 0 the item purchase (or uncheck the item) ?

This function is only in Testing Version

Thanks, i will try