Auto attack Hunter or Thief in Job cave?

Is there a way to auto attack a thief (if you are hunter) or a hunter (if you are a thief) around your training place ? When he comes to kill you in job cave, you auto attack him ?

If it does not exist … is it possible to create it ?

please dont

No its blocked

There was a function in the past but it get abused so Ryan has removed it

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if you can activate it only in thief side (when you are thief) and only in hunter side (when you are hunter) and only in the JOB CAVE, it give the possibilty to avoid being killed AFK and avoid ABUSE (Abuse = A hunter who bot in thief side with the option for example)

But enabling it gives that player more ability to abuse you. Now they can only attack mobs, what about when they can attack your char also? You have to look at it from both sides.

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