Auto Arena Plugin exists?

Hey Guys, is there a Plugin that take my chars from Trainigs area to town for CTF and other arenas and send them back to Trainings Area after Arena is done? Some 100% AFK solutions? I never before used Plugins on PH Bot, but something like this woud be verry intresting to me.

@DeRidder14 I read that tread before i opend this post, but it looks like it do not work when i want grind at trainings area, go to arena and than want automaticly go back to trainings area. 100% afk. It seems i have to wait in town the whole time. Or did I understod it wrong? Is xArena that what I want?

Edit: @Ryan Can you maybe add a auto arena section to the PH bot? It woud be awsome, cause this Plugins are confusing. So that the Bot makes a break and go to town for CTF or arena 10 minutes before a PVP event stars. And when not starts or its finished it go back to spot for Grind. I am sure when you add this a lot more people will change from Sbot to PH bot. :wink:

Plugins arent confusing they are just extensions of the bot. You are right this plugin only is for registering and anti AFK but you could probably make it work with a condition. Return to town at a certain time, just before arena registration starts.

Then when its time to register just do another conditon to change the script to a registration script and start the bot.

Its simple to do what you want, just use the tools given to you :slight_smile:

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@DeRidder14 And after 20-22 Minutes I make an other condition to change back the Config to my Default?

Yes, take a look at the conditions builder in the testing version.

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@DeRidder14 Can you maybe help me with the Conditions I need for the registration script? I think its with Conditions like: Return Town 08:40, When in Town DW at 08:40 walk 3551,2083, wait 120000 seconds. But I am not sure that it works like this. =(

I was thinking something like this. I didnt try it, you might need to add to it.


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I will test it this evening. Thank you =D

The script commands come from the plugin.

Read the first post here, Jelly explains how it works.

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@DeRidder14 I have to write arena,random,flag,arena,guild,score in the walk script after walking near the Arena Manager?

Seems like you have too many options there

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is that possible to enter battle of infinity ? what’s the script code can anyone help us ?