Auto academy error

I am this error and I hope someone helps me. when I first start the bot manually everything goes fine. more after graduating the first char. The bot shows this error when trying to start a new character.

i’m using your new version pVersion = ‘0.1.10’ but i still have the same error to create a second character.
I reduced the nickname digits to 10. It looks like something with the server too. could you help me ?
[11:43:18] Plugin: deleting character [Robb5875] Lv.41
[11:43:19] Plugin: xAcademy character list:
[11:43:19] 1) Viserys879 Lv.41 ( )
[11:43:19] 2) Robb5875 Lv.41 (
[11:43:24] Character: Cannot enter the game - server error or character name problem [1026]
[11:43:28] Plugin: Checking nickname [Tormund590]
[11:43:29] Plugin: Checking nickname [Mance0495]

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Just enable the bot to relog if not in game after __ minutes.