Attacking problem

bot doesn’t attack until it walk back to the coordinates every time.


Are you using a plugin to attack monsters in a script?

no, nothing at all.

also it behaves normal if i return to town and come back again for like few minutes, then this happens

There has to be something wrong with your settings. There should be no way it would start executing the script again if you’re inside the training area.

the same thing happened to me, the old versions are okay, but when you teleport to another city in the new versions, the script sees the first destination so the bot does not advance.

is it posible that you have some sort of buff that it cant cast / or buff in the atk list and activated “walk back to center after buffing” (attack>party options)
also this place is @ the i think 38 sama mobs so its not the beginning of the script (if it is ur script is faulty) pls check also the conditions tap of the bot