Attacking a Unique

Hello all,

I just started using PHbot and so far it’s amazing! Been using it all night on Trading made a bunch of gold! Now i’m trying to make my bots attack Uniques but i got minor problem.

First of, I’m in Jenx-Sro server, I managed somehow to make my bow attack unique but my tanker is just standing there looking in the sky.

I don’t know what i missed, i tried to do everything i did with my bow bot but nothing works. I hope these phone screenshots are not horrible once i create this thread :rofl:.

One thing I noticed was, in the training Area, the training i created with my bow is green and my bot is running perfectly but with my tanker the training area is black. I guess not activated. When i click enable, it stops my bot and when i click start bot, it stops my “training enabled” goes from green to black.

Make sure youve set the training area coordinates

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s.a hangi sro olduğunu söylermisin