At v23.1.8

I just realize that the bot keep stucking at training area …
and he never use a return scroll or anything just keep stucking until i move the char manually

Enable collision detecting
Navigate around Obstacles

both of them are checked

I just saw it in 4 chars … so could it bee fixed ?

another questing
i had created a script a walk script through 4 towns and everything worked perfectly
i just want at the end of the script
the bot to buy specific item from specific npc (( not town npc )) is it possible ?

I am working on that. It’s difficult to reproduce otherwise I would have fixed it.

It can only buy from town NPCs like herbalist, blacksmith, etc.

take your time <3

thanks for your response

another question ? my char keep login clientlessly while i dont check login clientlessly in manager how to solve it ?

Did you choose the “client” option in the Manager?

I found the issue with your original report. It should work in the next update.

I have that same problem. I hope Ryan will find a solution soon.

do u mean start start the silkroad client in the manager ?

oh worked ;D

Gz :wink: