Apply settings for other characters

how do i apply 1char’s “pickfilter”
to other char’s
if i want to also want to copy other settings(without the skill attack if possible)
also to other char’s bot

any button to click in phbot-testing?
or manually?
if so … what files are for pick-filter & what for settings

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To copy settings, just copy the .json file and rename it to the other char nicknames.
To copy the pick filter, use the manager on the Pick Filter tab.

That plugin is useful if you’re going to do academy where you have to load up a ton of settings per day. If its only a few chars then just normal copy/paste/rename.


How do i copy the pick filter manually?
I mean without the “manager”

Pick filter is stored on the .db3 file. However that file also stores “Town” settings, like buying X amount of hp potions and what not. So copying that file without the manager will copy the pick filter and town options.

I’d use the manager.

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No no no
Thats cool with me
Thx ^^

Well, you can open json file with Notepad++ then copy pickfilter section and paste it into other’s json files. It’s opensource. :v

I’m so happy that those config files are not encrypted. @Ryan thanks man!

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thats also a nice idea

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can u pinpoint where is the “pickfilter” section?
cant find it
searched “pickfilter” by notepad but didnt find it