API for Trader Pouch (Specialty goods Boxes)

In the Inventory of the pHBot you have multiple different Views of different Types of inventories of the Game. Is it possible to make these also accessible in the Plugin?

Or to make it more precise: i want to make an automation for starting target Trade while Botting. Therefore i need to check the inventory status of the Job Pouch ( if FULL ) . every other change is already possible for getting it automated.

Sincerly Black

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Yes, I can add a function to return the job pouch contents.

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Thx for adding! is there a way to get full documentary (or is there another way of getting all implemented functions) ?



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When u add this function?

Look at the change log for testing.


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Also possible “left party” with function or have another way for it?? I check guide page and i dont see.

Can u update here to?

There is no API for left Party.
You need an opcode for this

can u share opcode? im new on python.

If my old notices are correct its something like this:

def leave_party():
	inject_joymax(0x7061, b'', False)
	log("[Plugin] Leaving party")

But i haven´t tested it at the moment

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this code not working btw

I tested it out now on a private server it it is working

whats arguments? when i call it whats return?

i get it with another profile. i even wanna switch profile for not doing anything like i do in partying. in another profile u change ur party options and so the chars leaving party.