Anyone Having Problem with proxy

anyone experience problem with proxy?

It’s most likely your proxy.

Im using private internet access :frowning:

Hmm, you shouldn’t have issues with their SOCKS 5 proxies. What is the error?

socket errorProxyProxy 2

It’s possible that one is down. Did you try another?

what do you mean try another one?

Different location.

Edit: You need to create a SOCKS username/password on their site and use that.

I already have Socks username name and pass been using this for a long time but only yesterday this happen

Then it’s something with the proxy.

Sir can you recommend other proxy thats good thanks

@Ryan sir can you check the bot socks5 function because when im using the private internet access app my socks5 is working great but if i use the bot socks5 i always get socket timeout error hope you can take a look thanks

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