Any one can help me plezz

can any one help me
i logg with JC planet account and doing Agree For Silkroad and silkroad R when write ID and Pw i Take Confrom Befor Chracter Logg in what i Do ?

same this pictuer Link

Hi kalob2010,

your picture is not working. Please upload it anywhere else or directly into your post

You cannot access this album


SRO-2019-02-15-01-20-23-95 — ImgBB this new link

You can literally paste the image into the forum and it uploads.

Did you manually accept the GDPR notice?

yes i doing agree In JC site For Silkroad and Silkroad R / and when write iD and Pw not respond only Take Conform and not show To Creat a Secound passcode idk why wanna Help For That ?

Login with the client once and see what it does.

okay 1 sec Try iT now

Paste the image into the forum. Do not use unknown crappy image hosts.

Uploading 0% still 0% when i upoload Pictuer via Projecthax Site idk how can Paste my pictuer

Thank’s i Fix my proplem <3<3