Any Help VM Craptrap?

i create VM player but not start craptrap

try vm 11.1.4 build-3848939

It’s no longer necessary since iSRO does not have X-Trap.

[15:21:56] In order to run a client for X-Trap you must have CrapTrap.exe

then why is this problem ? i delete craptrap no need isro craptrap ?
if i setup crap trap give me this error .
werfault Dns working i try start craptrap 100 times maybe not working never

You still need it for teleports but the point of the VM was for X-Trap. You have not said which server.

Does the client even start at all? If not reboot your PC because sometimes the client just refuses to load.

Normal client sro exe working np but i try phbot never open client have problem 3 days and not login

Restart crap trap restart pc New folder in phbot but not working

I’m not sure why it would not be working. If the client starts through phBot fine then CrapTrap should also work.

i not understand, without run craptrap i get dc

I was saying the VM is not necessary. The VM was meant for X-Trap since:

  1. X-Trap sometimes causes blue screens because of their kernel driver having bugs.
  2. Being able to run iSRO and SilkroadR at the same time was impossible without at least 1 VM.

Now that there is only iSRO and no X-Trap it’s not necessary since you can just run the client in the background for teleports.

with craptrap on main windows my friend and me have full lag
craptrap on vm-ware no laag

Then keep using it :slight_smile:. You could probably get a similar effect by limiting the CrapTrap client to 1 core and setting the priority to Low.