Any advice to set phbot with proxy?

Hello, thanks for the work you are doing with phbot, is the best… But I will appreciate if you say me, what I have to do, to set proxy in phbot, i have 10 ips, and i get banned? Can anyone explain how I needto set proxy in phbot, me and some friends want to learn it thanks so much.
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Each character should be on a separate IP otherwise there’s no point. You can do that with the Manager.

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Thanks so much Ryan and for the fast reply, I bought ip in, can you recommend another or agood page for buy proxy? Thanks… Me and My friends will use it and will be usefull

When I set the ip appears this: u know why?
image (3)

I set like this I think all is correct, well me and some people from the game and friends have same problem they bought IP and they cant connect… We bought ip from I spoke with them and they check proxys and they say they are in perfect condition so any advice RYAN?

And thanks for you time :grinning:

There’s something wrong with them if you can’t connect to the gateway server. It could be Joymax has them blocked for some reason.

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I will try to find another page for proxy, let’see if it works.
Thanks so much

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