Another trace method - xControl like

Hey! I have noticed, that in-built trace mode is sometimes working problematically as it goes where a person you are tracing points. But sometimes(when a person points too far) it runs back.
Game trace is also a good option, however, in some servers(like private one I play in) they have game trace disabled or available only once per 15 seconds. And it isn’t available in job mode. I see FOLLOW method in xControl plugin of our dear JellyBitz really good. That works fine. The only issue is that you cannot make it use buffs or attack monsters while using it.
It’s not a must have, but worth thinking.

I already wrote a plugin myself which is kind of moving the current trainings area while following an other player. Probably I will try to integrate it during the next days into the xControl plugin if JellyBitz allows me add those changes.

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But really, guys, I am the only one who noticed, that phBot tracing is awful compared to what I see that tracing bots for other players are even omit the obstacles? Or at least they don’t stop tracing you and going another direction? :frowning:

Have the same trace problem, don’t know what to do.