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This is what I get after pressing login…icon “craptrap” loading in tray.

You shouldn’t be having that issue. I see you have the “Server” option available for X-Trap so just use that.

Ok. it won’t let me change it before I get the error. I didn’t even have to click login. I’m also using Sbot. Does that matter?

It shouldn’t matter.

Alright. I believe it’s this craptrap icon attempting to load…

Yes. As soon as the craptrap icon in the sys tray pops up I get the error. If I close the icon it stops.

Do I have to purchase both bot and craptrap?

No. I thought you had the CrapTrap sub already which is why I said to just use the server option.

Ok. Thanks for your promptness. I’ll patiently wait for resolve.

I don’t really have a solution. Try closing everything (or rebooting) then opening phBot.

Alright. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:

It’s because I have a client up already with Sbot. Is there a way around?

I even tried starting ph first…no dice. i enabled multi and cl on sbot but didn’t help. I even put gateway on random and both ips, to no avail… I’ve used both in the past. What am I missing?

I figured it out. I had to end the sro_client (dummy client) process. However, it comes back when i tp or start new bot… seems your dummy clients are conflicting with eachother.

It used to work fine as far as I know. I have not changed anything that could cause issues. I remember this problem from a while ago and it just randomly started occurring so I don’t think it’s my issue.

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Ok. So what is the difference between craptrap and sub craptrap? I ended up getting IP banned for 6 hours due to this bug…if I pay for craptrap, I can use the server and craptrap doesn’t have to load on my pc, subverting the issue?

That’s correct. The server option will use my remote server for teleports instead of a local one on your PC.

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