All configurations disappeared


This is my first time using phbot, i used 5bot for 8 years i think and after getting too much headaches i decided to move to Ph.

After hours configuring my 7/8 PT and my main char i was thinking that i FINALLY learned how to use this bot and the manager, then i got huge GPU usage and i closed all things and restarted my PC to solve this (its fixed now). After this, i opened my manager again and started all accounts.

But all my chars configurations gone erased. Seriously?! I checked the Phbot folder and all the config files are there, so whats happened??! Please help me, it took me hours to learn and configure it all

You have to login to the game for it to load the config.

already logged (the first one i back to the city manually but all of them has his configuration erased)

So either you restarted while bots were running so the configs were corrupted or you don’t have permission to write to the Config folder so nothing could be saved.

before i made this post i checked only 2 bots and both are erased, but i checked all after almost all chars logged (the last one still on the queue). So, i have 6 chars logged and my main

from the 6 chars, 4 got erased and 2 loaded all the configurations

the main also loaded normally his configurations

You mean “restarted” the PC with all bots running? i did not this

what i did before restart my pc was close the manager and all the bots got closed too (i closed the manager with 3 running on the spot, the others was getting error to relogin cuz ipban e.e)